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#HOOKED APP For Instagram: Tracy Pfau was cast as the lead character AISHA VO in LOOSE TEETH Episode as a young teenager who discovers she’s a superhero.

Tracy Pfau booked a recurring role on TELL ME YOUR SECRETS, a new 2019 TNT show. She is shooting it in New Orleans.

Tracy Pfau booked the role of Hillary Clinton (voice role) in Spencer McCall’s animated musical “A NINE ELEVEN CAROL

Tracy Pfau plays IDA in the new season of UNDERGROUND. Here’s the official WGN UNDERGROUND trailer, in which you can see Tracy’s character IDA. This episodic is about the Underground Railroad and those who helped slaves to freedom.

TREASURE OF NADIA video game. Tracy Pfau booked the lead role of Nadia in this 2019 released video game. She plays a sexy Middle Eastern woman who seduces men.