What’s your turnaround?

It totally depends on your project and my current workload. A 60 second commercial spot takes considerably less time than an audio book or a podcast. On average, my turnaround time is 12 – 24 hours. I can also rush your project if need be.

Do you record custom demos/auditions?

I am happy to send a custom audition or an audition so that you can determine that my voice is right for your project. Remember: the more specific you are about what you’re hoping to hear, the easier it is to give you the read you need.

I just listened to your custom demo. Why did you change my script?

Some voice-over professionals watermark demos to protect their work. I prefer to make small changes to the text to make sure it cannot be used commercially.

Do you have your own studio?

Yes. 90% of my VO work is recorded in my soundproof voice-over studio, located in Los Angeles, CA. I also record at studios in Burbank, Studio City and the surrounding L.A. area.

Can you edit your recordings?

Absolutely. Editing is time-consuming and requires a different kind of expertise, but I love to edit. On average, it takes two to three hours of editing to produce one hour of finished audio.
I can send you clean, ready-to-use audio files in most formats. This saves you time and money.

What type of audio equipment do you use?

I use state of the art sound equipment. My aim is to get the best sound quality for you.

Do you Coach:

Yes. I teach acting and voice over acting. I also teach dialect reduction to non-native clients who want to sound more American. I have extensive experience in American English speech, mouth placement. I’ve also been a dialect coach for actors. I can teach you virtually all global dialect. I also produce VO demos for aspiring VO talent. I work in person one on one or with Skype and can be found in the Voice Over Resource Guide under Training for VO coaching. Please contact me here:

Who are your clients?

Because I work in all genres of VO, I have I have clients all over the world. Click here for a list of some of my wonderful clients.

Do you hire talent?

I provide voice over services in all genres of VO. Clients will ask me for recommendations. I often recommend talent but I don’t hire talent. I have worked with many talented actors and actresses. I would be happy to recommend talent specific to your requests.

Do you have agents?

Yes. Click here for a list of my excellent representatives.

Do you belong to SAG/AFTRA:

Yes. I’ve been a member of SAG and AFTRA for over 25 years

How do I pay you:

I prefer PayPal for international payments and I accept checks drawn on U.S. banks. When you’re ready to make a PayPal payment (e.g. with your credit card), please click the button below: