Tracy Pfau

Experienced actress, Voice Actress, Coach.

About Me

Tracy Pfau has a full service state of the art sound studio where she records her voice work. Having started in radio as host of her own show at KPCC FM 89.3, Tracy learned the art of balancing speed of process with sound perfection. Her on-camera acting credits include the fan-favorite role of Mrs. Bouchie in Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder and SLC Punk! She also appeared in TV series such as Shameless, The Vampire Diaries, Touched by an Angel and Torchwood. She has committed most of her time in recent years as a voice actress, having appeared in Prominence, Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure, Rift: Planes of Telara, Sacrosa: Priestess of the World of Fears and English Town Mysteries to name a few. Please take a few moments to explore Tracy Pfau’s website and check back frequently for updates.


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I coach veteran and aspiring VO actors and actresses one on one. I come from a professional acting background, so I teach you to perform scripts from an acting standpoint. Who is your audience? What is your intention? How do you use a microphone? I have a full service state of the art voice over studio. I’ll also teach you the nuts and bolts of VO, give you career advice, train you in the technical aspects of VO like how to build a sound studio, how to record yourself, what the standards are regarding sound quality for an audition, how to edit, how to use Pro Tools and much more. I give my students a clear overview of how to do everything VO.


"Tracy Pfau never ceases to create beautiful voice work, reaching far beyond my expectations as a producer. Even with difficult, challenging, or sometimes abstract scripts, Tracy is able to read and interpret material in a way that is moving and often quite touching for our audiences. She is dependable and easy to work with, and has incredible range. She’s my favorite voice performer, period."

– Jeff Hull, creative director, n o n c h a l a n c e

"Tracy’s vocal magic has graced several of my productions. She performed multiple Japanese voices in my films MEMOIRS OF A TEENAGE AMNESIAC, and she voiced my teenage lead and multiple adult roles in pitch materials for a sci-fi feature film. Tracy even helped me to cast voices and quickly assembled actors as top-notch as herself. I’m looking forward to our next collaboration!"

– Hans Canosa, Producer of Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, Replacements.

"Tracy Pfau is one of the most reliable, experienced voice actors I’ve worked with. Her diverse range, quality performances, and ability to make quick, effective adjustments are just a few of the reasons I return to Tracy again and again."

– Ryan Bosworth, Director of Replacements Feature Film.


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I am also skilled in the technical aspects of VO. Rate includes recording, editing/post-production, script preparation, professional noise-free recording, quality control (proof listening), free re-takes, as long as they are not necessitated by changes in the script after the initial audio was recorded. The recording of a script that was revised after the first text was officially approved and recorded, is regarded and billed as a new project. I am looking forward to working with you!