My VO Demo Service

Producing the Best Demo for You

A Voice over demo is an introduction or pre-read, of sorts, for a client who might want to cast you in a project. Therefore your demo needs to be excellent. It needs to have variety of expertly edited voice, content, music and sound effects. It must be under 60 seconds. Plus you should have a cadre of other mp3 demos for each genre you wish to audition: commercial, animation, video game, dialect, movie trailer, audio book – the list goes on. Choosing order and length of audio clips can be daunting – you need an expert demo producer to create it for you. I work with Pro Tools and will send you samples from the many demos I’ve produced. I will provide personalized scripts to fit your voice details.  I’ll direct you at my studio the day of recording. I will also teach you the steps to start your VO career well. It’s important to be prepared before putting yourself in front of professional talent agents, casting directors and producers.

Starting your career off with a great demo is the most important thing you can invest in. Here’s a sampling of some demos I’ve produced:

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My rates are affordable. I look forward to producing and directing your demos!