VO Coach Tracy Pfau

Why hire Tracy Pfau to coach me in VO?

I coach veteran and aspiring VO actors and actresses one on one. I come from a professional acting background, so I teach you to perform scripts from an acting standpoint. Who is your audience? What is your intention? How do you use a microphone? I have a full service state of the art voice over studio. I’ll also teach you the nuts and bolts of VO, give you career advice, train you in the technical aspects of VO like how to build a sound studio, how to record yourself, what the standards are regarding sound quality for an audition, how to edit, how to use Pro Tools and much more. I give my students a clear overview of how to do everything VO.

Why does your coaching stand out from others who do what you do?

I’m a SAG/AFTRA actress and VO actress, having worked in movies, TV shows, commercials, voiceovers of all genres. I’m very realistic about how to make it in VO. I have taught large classes and I’ve taught students one on one. I love teaching. I like sharing what I have learned. My rates are affordable because I want to help as many people as possible.

What do you like most about coaching?

I like success.  I like seeing my students improve and love seeing them work and carve out viable careers as professionals. I’m accessible to my students anytime. Read some of my testimonials.

Can you teach me by Skype? Is that the best way to learn? Can we work on the phone?

Yes. In my opinion, Skype is just as beneficial as being in my studio. I teach VO, dialects, dialect reduction and public speaking via Skype. I work one on one via telephone as well. Everything I teach avails itself via Skype or telephone. I send audio of our lesson for your review.