Dialect Reduction or Learning the American Dialect

The GlobalVoice Difference

Audio clip of Tracy’s GlobalVoice: Taking on the American Dialect vs. Dialect Reduction

Tracy Pfau’s Dialect Reduction or Learning the American Dialect

There are over 24 million non-native English speakers in America today. If you are a corporate professional wanting to help employees adopt a neutral English dialect (also called dialect reduction) or an individual who has difficulty communicating with co-workers and others, I can help you!

As marketplaces globalize, it’s projected that your clients, as well as your co-workers, will increasingly be found overseas. While English has become the lingua franca of information and international business, the majority of transactions overseas involve speakers who have not been taught American English pronunciation.

Tracy Pfau Coach helps businesses and individuals compete for and capitalize on diverse global markets. These learning and development programs give employees the communication skills necessary to connect with overseas clientele.

Tracy Pfau’s Method

The American dialect is in demand for individuals who have come from other countries to work and live here in America. If you are tired of not being understood or if you are asked to repeat yourself, I can help. I am a certified speech professor who can help you adopt the American dialect quickly by focusing on mouth placement and oral posture: the schwa sound. I design specialized lessons for your particular challenges. You will be recorded every session for progress. I will also send recorded audio lessons home for practice in between. I create these lessons tailored for you, so that you can quickly adopt the American dialect. We practice out loud, work on intonation, melody, pronunciation, American slang and idioms, rate of speech, voice projection and much more. I also teach linking, substitutions, focusing on how words sound different because American English is a stress-timed language. Americans can stress the same sentence a zillion different ways! I will help you understand and be able to voice English just like we do. We’ll fix grammar challenges you have both verbally and with the written word because writing an effective email/business proposal is imperative. I’ll get you ‘up to speed’ to coin an American idiom!

Embrace the idea that by learning a new accent, you will not lose connection to your culture and heritage. The goal of accent reduction or taking on the American accent is to minimize communication barriers. Your native culture and heritage are yours. You can stay connected to them at the same time as you improve your ability to communicate in your non-native language. Let’s work together!

Read some of my testimonials. Successfully training you quickly is my focus. Contact me and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

Can you teach me via Skype? Yes. Skype, Zoom or FaceTime are just as beneficial as being in my studio. I’ve worked with clients from all over the world these ways. Email me and let’s get started.